Make Me Happy

from by TEX the GREAT

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I remember back in the day when I was a little youngin.
I would go outside to play with the other hood youngins.
Football on the street, skinned up knees.
No screaming fouls, no bandaid, let it bleed.
Freeze tag, manhunt, hide and go get it.
Street lights came on, damn Ima get it.
Our crib wasn't the best place to go.
Me and my sister made the best out of it tho.
We would sit around talking bout how life could be.
We would fantasize on how life would be.
Stood back to back as we fought through the struggle.
Covered each other's ass when ever we got in trouble.
Our crib was like the hang out spot.
Other words hang out for the other young have-nots.
I was the first on the block to have a Nintendo.
That's when I figured out how fake friends come and go....for real tho.
Keep pushing through the struggle things will get better.
No matter how hard it gets, don't let up.
We are strong by nature.
If we keep pushing, will hit pay dirt.
I escape hurt by dipping into music.
I cook up the work anytime I write music.
Can't appreciate the Sun without the clouds.
Gotta find something everyday that makes you smile.
Your worth something to someone, don't forget that.
Your a guiding light, lead the pack.
Good times outweigh the bad when you look at it.
You woke up right? That's another chance.
To keep the scales tipped in your favor.
I know we have dreams so you must chase em.
Soon as soon as you wake up, it's never too late.
Until the credits roll at the end of your movie.
Sent down from the heavens above,
Was a beautiful being so precious that I'll always love.
The sun shine brighter when you came to earth.
Simply priceless is how I explain your worth.
Your mother's named you, you have my last name.
We made you out of love, so that's your middle name.
I'm working, to provide the things you need.
Yea it's been a rough road let me tell you a few things.
Don't give up, if the outcome is good.
Choose your friends wisely don't be what you ain't.
Keep your hygiene up, take care of yourself.
Don't be afraid to ask if you need some help.
You make me smile and I return those.
Whenever we together, I don't want to let you go.
Life will get better, as we go down the road.
And one more thing, daddy loves you Cleo.


from TEXKNOWLEDGY EP, released August 7, 2015
Producer : Beats Reloaded



all rights reserved


TEX the GREAT Silver Spring, Maryland

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