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I'm under pressure like I'm racing time,
There ain't no shot clock, yet and still I feel I'm wasting time.
The ball's in my court so I'm forced to chalk another line.
Seems like I ain't winning. I guess we'll see on down the line.
Maybe I should take it to glorifying crimes in my rhymes.
Naw I'll just stick to my guns and glorify life in rhymes.
I am a picture of realness, most of you niggas fake.
Fairytaling, animated, whole persona fake.
Just do you I'm trying to get it, I got mouths to feed.
Hope I can do it with food for thought, it's your mind I feed.
Yea I struggle, even with a 9 to 5 and shit.
Keep fucking up my money by buying this stupid shit.
I aint afraid to talk about what I see in the mirror.
My luck is bad, I must've broke a couple dozen mirrors.
It ain't all bad cause I get stronger when I fall or fail.
Don't try to stop me cause I guarantee you're bound to fail.
Time'll tell.
I am most comfortable when I am solo.
I don't think people understand me I'm a little loco.
I make it work though. I am surely a one of a kind.
If you look close enough, you will see a beautiful mind.
At the same time I have a fear that I won't mount to much.
Expect the worst and hope best, that way I'm never crushed.
I'm from the dust so I am grounded and I'm always humble.
And I stay hungry, if you're close enough you hear the rumble.
From my stomach, change is coming I can taste success.
Maybe God thinks I needed more time to face the stress.
Ain't worried bout it, I'm fighting my way up from the bottom.
I am a soldier, blood of a lion until I'm rotting.
Spit in the face of adversity, you can kiss my ass.
And eat the peanuts out my shit and hope you choke on gas.
That's how I feel about you haters, guess I'm a hater cause I hate haters.
I show love to those who show love back and help me on my way up.
If I spent all my time caring about what others feel.
Trying to please everybody when would I have time to live.
I ain't trying to be selfish just trying to get it man.
Ain't nobody going to get it for me, fighting hard no pain no gain.
Bout to go full throttle I know haters dont want that.
I gotta hustle, tired of struggle I know that the real feel that.
If I fall, I'll get up, cuz it'll only make me stronger.
Crabs in a barrel don't want me out, only want to pull me under.


from TEXKNOWLEDGY EP, released August 7, 2015
Producer : Beats Reloaded



all rights reserved


TEX the GREAT Silver Spring, Maryland

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